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Meghan Markle and Harry FUMING MAD at Family Guy for Mocking Them

Prince Harry and his sexy wife Meghan Markle sit down with Oprah.

Prince Harry and his sexy wife Meghan Markle are apparently less than thrilled about a recent Family Guy episode that hilariously mocks them for their, shall we say, lack of royal hustle 😛

Sources say the lazy duo is labeling the episode “savage” and dubbing it an “outrageous slur.” Harry and Meghan are not just miffed; they are royally offended! LOL 😂

Adding insult to injury, the couple is reportedly a tad peeved that folks view them as “spoiled brats” and “self-entitled grifters.” Hot wife Meghan, in particular, is not having it. She’s declared that she won’t stand for such humiliation and is on a quest for a solution. Cue the ex-Royal panic mode.

The real kicker? The Family Guy snippet that’s causing all the commotion depicts Harry and Markle lounging by a pool, bemoaning the hardship of having to do an Instagram sponsored post that only pads their royal pockets with a measly $250,000. Oh, the struggles of the self-entitled elite!

Watch FUNNY AF Family Guy Scene Mocking Meghan Markle and Prince Harry!

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