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Meghan Markle and Harry FUMING MAD at Family Guy for Mocking Them

Prince Harry and his sexy wife Meghan Markle are apparently less than thrilled about a recent Family Guy episode that hilariously mocks them for their, shall we say, lack of royal hustle 😛 Sources say the lazy duo is labeling the episode “savage” and dubbing it an “outrageous slur.” Harry and Meghan are not just miffed; they are royally offended! LOL 😂

Supermodel Kate Upton Proud New Co-Owner of Vosa Vodka Water

Lovely supermodel Kate Upton just proudly announced she’s the proud new co-owner of VOSA non-carbonated vodka water spirits line of canned cocktails 🍸 Nice to see the smart good ones win. Kate Upton is a fabulous and kind superstar that deserves success in all facets of life 🙂 Bet they taste fabulous! Kate Upton Beautiful and Perfect Blonde All-American Woman 😛

Sexy Outer Banks Star Madelyn Cline Dating Pete Davidson?

If rumors in Hollywood are true sexy Outer Banks star Madelyn Cline is currently dating Pete Davidson 😀 !?!? TMZ first reported the new couple got a room at the swanky Beverly Hills Hotel and enjoyed a succulent breakfast the next morning 💦 Madelyn Cline was previously dating co-star Chase Stokes before Nashville country star Kelsea Ballerini swooped in and stole her man! Madelyn Cline Kissing Chase Stokes in May 2021 💋

Gorgeous “Plane Lady” Tiffany Gomas Issues Tearful Public Apology [VIDEO]

Gorgeous and sexy brunette “Plane Lady” Tiffany Gomas issues a tearful public apology via YouTube video today 😛 Tiffany is a stunning marketing executive from Texas that tantalized the World after claiming to see UFOs on an American Airlines flight before departure. For weeks the Internet searched for the sexy “Plane Lady”. Today Tiffany Gomas broke cover and introduced herself to the World. And of course Tiffany is much more beautiful than we could have ever imagined 😀 Watch Sexy “Plane Lady” Tiffany Gomas Public Apology Video! Sexy Tiffany Gomas Bikini Pics 👙

Supermodel Irina Shayk Dating Retired NFL Legend Tom Brady

Breaking news TMZ just reported stunning Russian supermodel Irina Shayk is dating retired NFL legend Tom Brady 😛 Irina and Tom were spotted kissing in his Bentley. Tom Brady looks happy and seriously smitten with the gorgeous supermodel!

Did President Biden Grope Eva Longoria’s Tits?

OMG did President Biden GROPE Eva Longoria’s tits at The White House in front of his wife and the World? Video has broke the Internet showing Joe Biden seemingly grabbing Eva Longoria and groping her tits before Eva Longoria grabs his hands and backs away.

TMZ reports Taylor Swift DUMPS Matty Healy

Breaking celebrity news just off the wire 🚨 TMZ is reporting that Taylor Swift has DUMPED Matty Healy. If the rumors are correct Taylor Swift is single again 😀 She is the most eligible bachelorette in the entire World. WOW 😛

Is Reese Witherspoon dating Tom Brady?

OMG this celebrity gossip could break the Internet. Is sexy DIVORVED and single Reese Witherspoon dating newly retired and DIVORCED NFL superstar Tom Brady? According to celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, an anonymous tipster sent DeuxMoi an email claiming the hot blonde southern belle and NFL GOAT are dating 😀 Is it true? Doubt it, but you never know, crazier shit has happened! Anonymous email sent to DeuxMoi claiming Reese and Tom are dating! Reese Witherspoon DIVORCE statement:

Beautiful Annie Wersching dead at 45 after courageous cancer battle

Beautiful actress Annie Wersching dead at 45 after private and courageous cancer battle 🙁 Annie was diagnosed with cancer in 2020. For many years she starred in “24” and was in many other popular TV series including “Timeless,” “Runaways,” “The Vampire Diaries,” “Bosch,” “General Hospital,” “Dallas,” “Extant,” and more. She will be missed dearly. Annie Wersching in HOT in 24 season 8

Taylor Swift crowned private jet worst celebrity CO2 climate polluter

Do you care about climate change? Well Taylor Swift certainly does not 🙁 Taylor’s private jet use has been crowned the worst celebrity CO2 carbon emission polluter and by a long shot. She still is pretty fucking hot though, even though she cares nothing about climate change and our future on planet Earth. Learn more about Taylor Swift spewing 100000s tons of CO2 into the atmosphere at The Washington Post now 😛