Charissa Thompson is a Fox NFL sportscaster and a certified blonde bombshell. Enjoy Charissa Thompson photos, videos and more from around the Web and social media. Charissa is absolutely gorgeous, you going to love these hard to find and exclusive photos and videos! Follow Charissa on Instagram she is super funny too 😍

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Charissa Thompson Sizzling Sexy in All Black, Amazing Body

Hot blonde sportscaster Charissa Thompson sizzling sexy in all black outfit showing off her amazing body and perfect tits 😛 Damn what a hot babe Charissa Thompson is. Looks like she painted on her jeans. Charissa is always dropping sexy thirst traps online!

Flawless SEXY Charissa Thompson in Tiny Orange Dress and Heels

Flawless SEXY NFL on FOX star hot sizzling blonde Charissa Thompson in short tiny orange dress and high heels. Her perfect legs are fantastic and will make you squirm 😛 Charissa has such a hot sexy top notch body. Have you seen Charissa Thompson in a bikini? WOW 👿 her bf is a very lucky man. Charissa is a smart big time go getter too! Runs numerous businesses and she just bought a massive ranch in California. 🚨 Also for all you clowns sending messages about Charissa Thompson The Fappening nsfw videos and photos. We will NEVER share them! They were stolen illegally and it was a disgusting invasion of privacy.

Gorgeous Charissa Thompson in Black Jumpsuit, Very Sexy Feet and Toes

Gorgeous hot blonde sports reporter Charissa Thompson posing in a cute black jumpsuit showing off her very sexy feet and toes 😛 Charissa loves teasing all of us! Great tits and nice deep cleavage too! Her social media thirst traps are always so damn hot and sexy. Charissa Thompson is easily one of the HOTTEST chicks on Earth 🌎 Charissa Thompson showing off her sexy feet and cute toes again 👿

Charissa Thompson such a stunning hot blonde beauty

NFL on FOX sports reporter Charissa Thompson is such a fabulous stunning hot blonde beauty 🙂 She is super smart and funny too! Charissa is also a huge big time business woman. She runs an interior design company and just bought a working cattle ranch 🙂 Charissa Thompson is sexy as all hell too! And before you ask…NO! We will NEVER share or post Charissa Thompson fappening material. That was a DISGUSTING criminal invasion of privacy!

Charissa Thompson Fox NFL Superstar SIZZLING SEXY in Black Leather

Fox NFL superstar Charissa Thompson is one of the most smart, funny and gorgeous babes on TV 🙂 Here Charissa is SIZZLING SEXY in black leather outfit and Air Jordan Nikes in smokin hot social media mirror selfie. Charissa is a wild one, her Instagram is always pure sex and thirst trap fire. Oh on her body is fuckin fabulous in a tiny bikini 😛

Gorgeous Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson People Magazine for Super Bowl LVII

Gorgeous sexy blonde celebrity sports reporters Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson featured in People Magazine ahead of NFL Super Bowl LVII in Phoenix 🏈 The gorgeous girls talk about football, family, sex and their fabulous friendship 🙂 Of course Erin and Charissa look amazing! Both woman are so damn sexy…beautiful, smart and funny too. Watch their 12 minute interview video on YouTube below!

Charissa Thompson photo dump, So damn sexy

Gorgeous blonde Charissa Thompson social media photo dump 🙂 Charissa is so so damn beautiful and sexy. She just turned 40 too! Oh and she got a divorce after a year of marriage. She looks so sexy in glasses too 😉

Gorgeous super sexy Charissa Thompson :) So so fucking hot!

Miss Charissa Thompson fucking gorgeous 🙂 in black tee and stone washed denim jeans. AND Charissa is getting married like her fellow hot blonde best friend Erin Andrews who just got fired from Dancing with the Stars…which is bullshit btw!

Stunning blonde blue eyed beauty Charissa Thompson, WOW

Stunning blonde blue eyed beauty Charissa Thompson showing off her good looks on social media 🙂 She really is smoking hot. Super smart and funny too. Loves to gamble…and loves sports… Is Charissa the most perfect woman on the planet? Check out her new website too, it’s filled with tons of info and hot photos.