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Bravo Reality TV Slaves Bethenny Frankel and Raquel Leviss Just Did a Podcast

Well this is interesting… Bravo reality tv fame whores Bethenny Frankel and Raquel Leviss just did a podcast discussing how they are being EXPLOITED 😂 Yaaaaa they are total VICTIMS that are FORCED to air their dirty laundry and mental illness on reality tv for the entire World. Spare us the BULLSHIT 😛 They are damn good looking and sexy though 😉

Boss woman Bethenny Frankel selfies

Stunning boss woman Bethenny Frankel selfies. Her Instagram is amazing! Not to mention she is about the only Real NYC Housewife worth a fuck.

Sexy new selfie from Bethenny

Gotta love sexy new selfies from BOSS WOMAN Bethenny Frankel. She is just so fucking gorgeous…AND FABULOUS 🙂

Bethenny out to dinner with Kyle Richards and Boy George

Last night Real Housewives of NYC star Bethenny Frankel was out having some fun with another housewife, Kyle Richards enjoying dinner together in New York. AND Boy George was there 🙂 Walk about wanting to be a fly on the wall. As always Bethenny and Kim were both looking fabulous!!!

Bethenny Frankel skiing in Vermont

Love this video of Bethenny Frankel skiing in Vermont. She has been having some serious problems with her batshit crazy douchebag ex-husband so its nice to see her out enjoying herself. Would love to meet Bethenny on the slopes 🙂

Selfie Queen Bethenny Frankel

Here’s another lovely selfie from sexy businesswoman Bethenny Frankel. How amazing is she? Grinding and creating everyday!