Ivanka Trump Gorgeous at Fontainebleau Las Vegas Grand Opening Party

Gorgeous Ivanka Trump graced the glitzy Fontainebleau Las Vegas Grand Opening Party December 13, 2023, making a dazzling appearance 😛 The star studded event saw Ivanka donning a breathtaking strapless Monique Lhuillier gown, complete with a silver paneled skirt that stole the spotlight. The soirée boasted an A-list guest lineup, with luminaries such as sex tape star Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston, Eva Longoria, Paris Hilton, and more adding to the glamour. Sexy celebrity guests partied late into the Vegas night. The festivities were elevated by electrifying live performances from none other than Justin Timberlake and Paul Anka, complemented by stylish cocktail bars scattered throughout the venue. It was a night of opulence, style, and Las Vegas allure. Some casino gambling too 🙂

Ivanka Trump is damn hot, Big tits and long sexy legs

All politics aside ladies and gentlemen, Ivanka Trump is pretty fucking damn hot 🙂 She’s got some big tits and long sexy legs. Ivanka dresses sexy too, always in tight dress and high heels. Enjoy some of her hot photos now!

Ivanka Trump is just gorgeous

All politics aside, Ivanka Trump is just fucking gorgeous. A tall stunning blonde with long sexy legs and amazing boobs. What more could you ask for? Super smart too 🙂

How stunning is Ivanka Trump? WOW

Ivanka Trump is stunning, gorgeous and smart. Perfect in every way 🙂 Her legs are amazing! But her brains more so. Check Ivanka out looking fabulous in sexy white dress while headed to the White House. Ivanka Trump blowing a kiss video.

Ivanka is GORGEOUS

Ivanka Trump is far and away the most stunning, gorgeous and SMART first daughter ever 🙂

Hillary stares down Bill who is staring at Ivanka. ROFL

ROFL hilarious video of Hillary staring down her husband President Bill Clinton during Trump’s inauguration. Why? Because Bill was staring at Ivanka Trump and biting his lips!!! ROFL, can’t make this stuff up… Ivanka did look damn good!

Brains and Beauty, Ivanka Trump

Simply put Ivanka Trump is amazing. Pure brains and beauty. She is going to do a fabulous job working to Make America Great Again 🙂