Bachelor Nick gets grilled by Corinne’s nanny

OMG does it get any better than this? In next weeks Bachelor episode Nick gets grilled by sexy little firecracker blonde Corinne Olympios nanny! And washed up reality tv fame addict Andi Dorfman shows up at Nick’s door!!! This could get good 😉

Corinne Olympios gets TOPLESS in Pool on The Bachelor, VIDEO

Corinne Olympios is far and away the most entertaining woman on The Bachelor fighting for some dork’s heart. Hell she even got TOPLESS in the pool. The looks on the other girls faces is priceless. Jealous much? First episode I believe too. What a naughty little hot blonde 🙂 Watch the video now. Keep up the fabulous work Corinne we are cheering for you!

Sexy Bachelor villain Corinne Olympios on Ellen

Corinne Olympios is a sexy little firecracker blonde on this years Bachelor. Many call her a villain. On the first episode she got naked. Here is a video of Corinne recently on Ellen. Enjoy, she is a cutie, full of fire and damn funny 🙂