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Gorgeous Abigail Spencer Instagram candids

OMG Abigail Spencer is so gorgeous. Look at her in these Instagram candid photos while on tour promoting her new show Timeless. What a star. Love her work and love her while fapping. ROFL 🙂

Abigail Spencer is lovely in every way

Fuck do I love…and many of our readers Abigail Spencer. She is a petite woman with the most amazing body and smile. Can you imagine getting up behind her tight little ass? She must taste so good. We have been getting A LOT of requests for nsfw videos of Abigail…they are coming 🙂 Love the sexy photo of her wearing glasses.

Abigail Spencer Instagram Photos

Have always loved Abigail Spencer. She’s a petite sexy star with a fabulous body and a huge smile. Check out these sexy Instagram photos some dude just uploaded!