Julie Bowen Selfie

Fuck is she amazing and SO HOT. Gotta love social media, check out this hot sexy Julie Bowen selfie 🙂

Kerry Washington Yummy MILF

Oh yes her show Scandal is fucking amazing…and Kerry Washington is fucking amazing. She is a super hot hot and yummy milf 🙂

Pippa Middleton Pretty Fucking Hot

Here’s another post with a royal connection check out Pippa Middleton looking damn fucking hot shillling her book. Pippa also has the most amazing ass ever 🙂

Ivanka Trump Sexy, Amazing Legs

Fuck the haters! Ivanka Trump is absolutely fucking gorgeous. Sexy, smart and the most amazing legs Ivanka has it all 🙂 Can’t wait for her dad to Make America Great Again!

Kaley Cuoco Gorgeous as Always !!!

Oh ya Ms Kaley Cuoco you looking damn good last night 🙂 She’s probably one of the most fapped to stars in Hollywood… Such a stunner!

Julie Bowen all glammed up

Julie Bowen is fucking hot. She’s been giving me boners ever since I saw her in lace lingerie and garter belt in Happy Gilmore. Look at her all glammed up at some commie event in LA.

Bethenny Frankel Damn Hot n Sexy with Santa

Check out Bethenny Frankel looking damn hot and sexy posing with Santa. Look at her tits! AMAZING! Cleavage is fabulous 🙂 She’s one hot smart, sexy and successful milf (unlike the other phony fame whore housewives)!

Abigail Spenver glamour shots

Abigail Spencer from Timeless is absolutely stunning. Enjoy these glamour shots. Oh…and her new tv shot Timeless is fucking amazing 🙂

Kelly Bensimon is a doll :)

Kelly Bensimon is a fucking doll you guys 🙂 She was one of the original NYC Housewives and was a popular model long before the show. A few years ago she even posed for Playboy naked! Kelly is hot and has an amazing body! Enjoy these sexy candid photos y’all.

Danica Patrick Yoga and Working Out

If you follow Danica Patrick on social media you know two things. She loves yoga and working out big time. And Danica looks goddamn good while do it. She recently started a workout program called Pretty Intense. Need to lose some weight? Check it out!