Ivanka Trump is gorgeous AND SMART

Check out this throwback photo of Ivanka Trump looking drop dead fucking sexy in a cat woman costume. She is fucking gorgeous and SMART.

Ivanka Trump is goddamn hottie!

Check out Ivanka Trump y’all…yes her father is running for President. Anyways she is a fucking hottie with the most amazing legs, ass and tits. Check her out. We will be publishing tons more sexy videos and photos of Ivanka. Stay tuned 🙂

Ivanka Trump has AMAZING TITS

Here at Celeblr we stay out of politics, we’re only into tits and ass. But y’all gotta check out Ivanka Trump’s amazing tits. Check her out on late night TV probably pimping her dad who is running for President. Anyways who gives a fuck about all that, look at her tits. Can you imagine titty fucking those babies and covering them in sperm? Cum tribute anyone?