Eva Longoria Wine Selfie lol

Sexy star Eva Longoria is on vacation…hence why she is posing in selfies with THREE LITERS of wine!!! Lol Eva have fun 🙂 No makeup too, looks like she just got outta the shower! Pure beauty

Eva at the beach in bikini

Bet you wish you were there, with Eva Longoria at the beach wearing a sexy little bikini. Love her tight little body 🙂

Eva Longoria in SEXY Red Dress

OMG y’all look at Eva Longoria showing off her fabulous figure in a sexy red dress while laying in a hammock barefoot. Simply stunning 🙂

Eva loves Chrismas

Looks like Eva Longoria loves Christmas 🙂 Love her candid social media pics…

Eva Longoria Sexy in Paris

Eva Longoria looking sexy in Paris! She’s got some see thru plunging stuff going on thats showing off her amazing cleavage…

Eva Longoria in Dubai

Oh ya Eva Longoria you looking damn good in Dubai! Sure is odd all you leftists visit there considering their massive and sickening oppression of women??? Oh right, y’all really don’t give a flying fuck…

Eva Longoria Sexy in Heels and Cape

How sexy is Eva Longoria always dressed to the nines showing off her amazing 40+ year old figure. Loving her outfit in this social media celebrity photo wearing black jeans, a sexy cape and high heels. Cheers 🙂

You Had Me at Merlot

ROFL love the sexy and witty shirt Eva Longoria is wearing while in Napa Valley wine tasting. You Had Me At Merlot! How cool is that? Oh yes and Eva Longoria looking fabulous with huge mirror aviator sunglasses on too 🙂

Sexy Hot Candid Eva Longoria photos

OMG Eva Longoria is so fucking hot. She is a Hollywood sex symbol that men all over the World fap to. I know you guys love celebrity candid photos like the ones of Eva Longoria here posted on social media. They prove that famous people are REAL people too. With private lives and having tons of fun. Enjoy these sexy and very hot candid photos of Eva. Plenty more coming soon 🙂

Sexy Eva Longoria Snapchat Puppy Filter

Oh Eva Longoria you are so sexy in this Snapchat puppy filter photo. Please keep sharing kinky photos on social media. Eva is a fucking world class hottie that tons of dudes fapped to hardcore when she became world famous on that Desperate Housewives show. Just love her Snapchat videos and photos 🙂