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Erin Andrews is one of the most famous sports broadcasters and hosts in the World. She is a gorgeous tall blonde with amazing legs, a fabulous ass and more. Enjoy rare Erin Andrews videos and photos you will only find at Celeblr.

Erin Andrews Reveals Secret Battle with Cervical Cancer

Well here’s some serious breaking news, this morning Erin Andrews revealed her secret battle with cervical cancer via People Magazine. People is reporting Erin learned of her cancer diagnosis in September and has since underwent successful surgery to remove all traces of the disease. WOW, she is such a strong woman! So happy to hear she is doing well 🙂

Erin Andrews at the airport

Only god knows where she is going but look at Erin Andrews looking sexy at the airport. Gotta love social media 😉

Amateur Erin Andrews photo

Here’s a cute amateur photo of Erin Andrews. I know y’all like these, you can find them too, just search twitter and Instagram!

Erin Andrews Skiing

She looks pretty fucking hot on the slopes, check out this Erin Andrews selfie she snapped while skiing 🙂