Hot blonde supermodels Kate Upton and Christie Brinkley… WOW

Talk about two fucking stunning smoke shows! Hot blonde supermodels Kate Upton and Christie Brinkley posing together. Both of them are fucking gorgeous 🙂 Tall, with great boobs. Ones just a spring chicken and the other a smokin hot cougar 🙂

Christie Brinkley Sexy Red Dress

Holy smokes check out blonde cougar Christie Brinkley looking damn fucking hot and sexy during a New York Stock Exchange event. That smile and her legs. WOW 🙂

Cougar Christie Brinkley on the prowl

She is single guys! Yes blonde cougar Christie Brinkley 🙂 She’s looking damn hot in a sexy blue dress and high heels showing off for the camera like always. Happy spanking you sick fucks 🙂

Christie Brinkley Fucking HOT Cougar

OMG how amazing is Christie Brinkley for being about 70 yrs old? She is a fucking hot cougar. Recently she was dating a rockstar, now she is pregnant. Maybe we will start sharing more of her photos. Christie is a stunner! She even has a daughter…but the mom is hotter 🙂